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Isn't there a deleted scene for RotS that covers Dooku knowing Palps / Sidious are the same or am I just really vividly remembering the Revenge of the Sith novelisation?

They were in the war together, playing both sides against the other just as Plagueis and Sidious did for one purpose > bring down the Jedi.

Dooku was a Sith but that would have only been to commit him to the cause until Anakin could take his place. Think about it logically, Dooku was too old to be a long term plan. Sidious even says as much at the end of the Plagueis novel.

Sidious was giddy on the thought of the Force's reaction to he and Plagueis trying to create life being turned into a Sith itself.

Oh, and Dooku was a Sith from the beginning, was registered by Lucasarts prior to Attack of the Clones being released.
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