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For some reason, people on here generally don't seem to be too fond of the book SWTOR: Revan...
However, I personally like that book a lot. I'm just past the middle of it now, and so far it's been great! If you've played the old KotOR games, it's definitely recommendable. Gives some more insight and conclusions to the story there, and also slightly leads up to this era
I didn't like Revan, there were parts that were really good but Revan as a character doesn't translate well into a book. He and the Exile were just too powerful coming out of the games so it just didn't read well. It was cool getting some back story on ther Emperor though.

Does anyone know any decent books that aren't focused around some ridiculously over powered character and his cannon fodder minions? I keep meaning to read the Bane and Thrawn books but my experience with Star Wars novels is they mostly read as if written by a 15yr old.
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