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02.20.2012 , 10:42 AM | #16
C3PO had very little use except another character to interact with the non english speaking characters like chewy and R2. His was just there for some comedy till return of the Jedi where he talks with the Ewoks (Which are themselves as silly as Jar-Jar I mean come on they are teddy bears that kill storm troopers and then use their helmets for musical instruments thatís silly and kinda stupid lol) .

Jar-Jar had a grander scheme. In the first film he portrays innocence in the galaxy in very dumb slapstick ways. He knows very little outside of his swamp. By the second film. he is a senator and is not funny at all. But his innocence is still there since he suggests that Palpatine be made supreme chancellor to create an army. By the third he is almost completely out of the picture till the end and he really isnít much of a character. So I would have to say C3PO is more annoying since he is not much use till the very end.