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02.20.2012 , 02:21 AM | #6
This was a great read, and I hope something similar gets implemented soon. The only other thing I could think of that might fix this situation on servers like mine where we're outnumbered 5:1 in Ilum is to implement a wintergrasp style buff for the outnumbered side. The worse you're outnumbered, the more stacks of the buff you have. If it's 50 vs 10, the 10 players do 5x more damage and have 5x more health. Also, to fix the faction imbalance issue which I feel is the biggest long term problem with this game... Offer extra commendations for the short side. I really liked the idea of world PVP yielding merc comms, and when I first started PVP'ing (I waited until 50 to do any wz's, only world pvp'd while leveling) I actually thought that you received the merc comms from world pvp. Who would have thought you have to earn wz comms to get merc comms? seems redundant... why not just make champ bags all wz comms... OR the obvious solution, make something else drop merc comms. Another idea I've been thinking about is making the outnumbered side yield no valor at some point. Outnumbered 3:1 (or worse)? You now yield little or preferably no valor. However, you can obtain valor if you're sneaky enough (guerilla tactics). This might make some of the zerg loving cowards and griefers find something else to do, evening the odds. One thing is for certain... We need some kind of mechanic to split the large zerg formations. I don't think ANYONE's computer can handle 50 people pvping in one area... the gameplay is just terrible and no fun for anyone. And to whoever that Imp was above, just shut up already. It's not about tactics when there's 50 vs 10. Not like that on your server? Well shut up then this doesn't apply to you.