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Ultimately SWG was doomed to fail not because of SOE’s greed or its bugged gameplay but because it was a Starwars game that wasn’t very “starwarsy”

I have to totally disagree with this statement. The moment you log into SWG it is walking into the Star Wars world. What isn't anything like Star Wars is SWTOR. Its a linear generic soldier shoot em up game. Doesn't feel like Stars Wars at all.

You had the characters from Star Wars, ships, vehicles, huge cities wasn't alot in SWG that wasn't Star Warsy.
I'll give you that...untill you met the community. Names like 'Idid Yourmom', rebel jedi in hotpants dueling in front of 50 stormtrooper NPC's who couldnt touch them because they were "offduty" spaming "pwnt nooobz!!!!!!!! i rapedurface!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lawlalwlawl" 100 times a muinite or having 50 ppl stand in the Lok desert calling 500 blown speeders all at once with macros so they could intentionally crash a server or....well the list goes on and on.

Nope, didnt feel like SW to me after say spring 2004.
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