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Cooler stuff? In my day the cooler stuff was a big patch of woods across the street with a creek running through it. We would be in the woods all day catching crfawdads and having dirt clod battles, playing fox and hounds, building forts....all the stuff kids used to do.

We did eventually get an Atari (there was no 2600, 3200, 6400, just an Atari). We played it a lot, but still rode our bikes, ran home from school, camped out in the backyard...

I do miss that stuff (at almost 50 years old now it seems like yesterday still...) I think today's kids miss a lot with all the technology that makes them too "plugged in" to stuff. Sure, my view is slanted to my own past, but at least I acknowledge that. All that stuff you say is cool, I can't stand it. Old fart here, I admit.

Stood in line for the movie Staw Wars (it wasn't labeled "A New Hope" yet, as there was no "Empire Strikes Back" yet, that didn't come out until 1980).

Ah, well. Time gone by. The new cool stuff ain't all that cool. I like the old stuff; bikes, dirt clods, crawdads, pup THAT stuff was cool.
I used to do the same exact thing....loved the woods near our neighborhood. Then, there was a tramp/pervert who started exposing himself to us kids. No one in our neighborhood was allowed in the woods after that

Does it seem like there's more child predators out there nowadays? Paranoid parents who won't let their kids leave the house? It's no wonder kids turn to technology to escape their droll lives....they can't go elsewhere.....