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02.19.2012 , 05:14 PM | #20
Just soloed this on my 16 Madness Sorc. Originally I was going for the route mentioned above where you lead the broodmaster toward the exit. But as I was running through (Barely making the exit.) I noticed the mobs never cross the threshold to the exit. So after clearing out the pathway I lead the broodmaster to the exit, went just past it, leaving Khem Val and thus the boss right at the edge of the exit. She called her minions twice but they didn't show, and Both I and Khem Val survived. The minions of course had to be cleared in the central area to get the relic. I can only surmise that if you get the broodmaster to the edge of the exit, her minions spawn but for some reason don't make the run to save her, either that or I killed her fast enough. Regardless it is possible to solo this at lvl 16.

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