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02.19.2012 , 05:14 PM | #699
Hello, I have some really bad problems in the game,I have 8-18 fps in game, no matter where i am, i dont know if its the computer or something else, i have everything on low and off , my rez is on 800x600, i have to actually aim the camera down to be able to play, please give me some advice to boost my fps or if there may be some problems with my computer specs/swtor installation.

I can play wow with 1600x800 rez and everything on high exept shadows and liquids quialty ,with 20-30 fps, so i think its wierd that i not even can play this game on 800x600 rez and everything on low, i have also tried with game booster and such but no improvments.

Here are my Computer specs:

Intel Celeron T3100 1.90 GHZ Dual Core CPU
NVIDIA Geforce 8200M G
Windows 7 64bit
4gb RAM