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First, this is a good start to general raiding/operation running advice. However, I do have a few sticking points I think need to be addressed.

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Gearing for a healer focuses on increasing heal output as well as resource regeneration!
For all classes in this game, especially healers, resource regeneration is static. Energy and Ammo have deteriorating regeneration mechanics (lower the amount of resource available = slower regen rate vs. more resource unused = faster regen rate) while Force is a constant 8 Force/second. This cannot be modified in any way by the current stat model. However, regeneration rates can be either permanently or temporarily modified by talents and abilities.

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Now, that all of that is out of the way, it's time for the most important part of the guide:
IF THE TANK DIES, IT'S THE HEALERS FAULT, IF THE HEALER DIES, IT'S THE TANKS FAULT AND IF THE DPS DIES IT'S THEIR OWN FAULT! Very few exeptions to this. Remember this and you'll all do fine. In any case, good luck to all of you future raiders! If I've missed anything feel free to post what it is and I'll be sure to add it as an edit!
LMAO! However, I have a few modifications to this. If the tank thinks that defensive cooldowns are "OH *****" buttons when they are suddenly at 10-45% health and still die after they've popped them, it's the tank's fault they are dead. Defensive cooldowns are meant to be used ON COOLDOWN or saved to be used to PREEMPTIVELY reduce an EXPECTED phase/ability of extremely high damage (i.e. high DoT stacks, 90% of target health attack swings, etc.). When you have a defensive cooldown that is usable every 30 seconds, you better damn well be using it every 30 seconds. If you have a cooldown that reduces damage done by X% (assume high here) but is only available every 5 minutes, then you better know when the boss is ruin you and use the cooldown to easy the load on the healers.

For healers, if you have big heals that have a longer cast than most but are a big huge (and often expensive heal) then you better know when the tank is about to get smashed and queue up that cast time so the tank doesn't die to the subsequent shoulder punch. Also, refer to above about cooldowns. When you know there is going to be big raid or tank damage, plan CD usage accordingly. Don't blow alacrity/surge/power/crit CDs once everyone or the tank is at 10-25% and expect to survive (unless such low health is a mechanic of the fight). It just doesn't happen. Want to ease your stream of healing on the tank? Stack your HoTs and damage mitigators on your favorite meatshield to reduce the heal sizes you have to put out for each they take a blow to the head.

DPS, especially true of hybrid classes, use defensive CDs when it would be appropriate. Learn when to expect certain boss mechanics. Sure you probably don't NEED to do it, but your healers will thank you for it. Oops! Didn't get out of the fire fast enough? Pop a self-heal (once out of the fire) or mitigation ability (whilst still in the fire). Also, for your "I WIN!" cooldowns (dps boosting cooldowns) be sure you know the best times to use them during the fight. Should you start the pull with them? Are there specific dps burn periods? You need to understand these things; otherwise, if you die it is almost always going to be your fault. If a healer lets you die because you are notorious for standing in the fire, then you better learn how to get out of it. Little secret, every healer has mental heal-priority list based on how players perform. You want to be tying or beating other DPS for third place (tanks and heals are first and second, not necessarily in that order) otherwise you're going to have a lot of down time in operations.

There are a number of other nuances (i.e. maintaining/clipping DoTs, interrupt rotations) for DPS players, that make them that much more successful, but those are more specific to each class and group composition. I won't cover that here.

For the TL;DR crowd, know your class abilities and stay out of the fire FFS!