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Well, if I understand correctly:

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So I was at ToysRus the other day looking to find a great gift for my cousin on her birthday. While looking around I noticed a display of Star Wars toys and above the display was a HD TV playing the new movies on Blu-ray, it was Empire Strikes Back.

In front of the toy display were two kids about 12 or 13 watching the movie. The one kid was asking how and why Luke was able to jump out of the carbonite chamber during the Luke and Vader encounter, while the other kid explained: "It's the force man!"
The other kid replied: "Thats stupid," and just walked off in annoyance while his friend stared at the screen in a trance like state, just excited to be watching the movie, and not giving a crap about all the toys around him.

This actually pissed me off LOL!! So I finally get this Barbie doll for her (I couldnt think of anything ok!? She loved it anyway!!) But as I was walking through the isle I could have sworn the same damn kid who thought Star Wars was stupid was also looking at Twilight toys!!! WT F!!??
This is all about the kid who liked Twillight instead of Star Wars.

Kids today have no imagination anymore. Instead they play video games all day, and watch Twilight movies and listen to the Jonas brothers and crap like that.
As I said, they have imagination, but video games are the easier way to get fun. They would play video games all day, but you can prevent that and many parents do.
In my country twillight is compleatly a girl-thing. Teenage-girl-thing. Boys are more into Lord of the Rings (and also Star Wars).
Don't know about the music kids hear these days, so I can't comment on that.

Growing up, we'd all pretend to be a char from the movies and run around the woods swinging tree limbs at other peoples faces pretending they were lightsabers, we'd all try to literally hurt each other! lol. Today kids swing around Wii and playstation controlers at the screen.
Many parents watch the steps of there offsprings too much. On schoolyards even snowball fights are forbidden. It's not the childrens fault.

I used to listen to rock music themed on sex, drugs, and violence, now they listen to puppy love bull s hit.
Aren't there many kids who listen to hip hop with texts about sex, drugs and violence?

Remember when vampire movies involved a sh it ton of blood and actual killing, and not a freaking love story??
I think these old vampire movies were for boys. (Today they have Zombies instead of vampires.) Modern vampire movies are for girls who love love storys.

After that display I saw in ToysRus. . . some kids just suck today. . .
Oh, maybe I missed the some the first time I read this. Your right, some kids suck today. (and most likely in the past too)
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