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Butt hurt kotor fanboy is all i can say about you. You want to know something? The Revan and any old republic novel was terrible.
All of the novels were terrible with exception of the novelizations of the movies and shadows of the empire. Everything else was garbage. I enjoyed kotor not because of revan but because I got a lightsaber and could play a star wars game. I have played every star wars game. I have not and would not read those trashy novels. I read the wokiepedia on palpatine vader luke revan vitiate galen marek and so on to see what they could do and what was considered g canon and c canon and from that decided those books would be a waste of time for anyone to read. I have a friend with a genius level intelect that finished high school at 12 I brought this up to him and he had no experience with anything not in the movies but I had him read all the info on wookiepedia about Vader and Revan and he says based solely on the information there he would say revan wins. for vader for revan