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For all I know Revan and Vader could be the same person..
Maybe Revan became one with the force, Then re-appeared in Shmi's belly.. He came out as Anakin?

We'll never know, will we?

^ See how failed your logic is?
Revan and Vader are the same person. At least from an archetypal standpoint.

Was a Powerful Jedi. Check
Was a Powerful Sith. Check
Became Good again. Check

If you look at Revan's story vs Vader's story objectively you would see the effectively are the same person just in a different set of circumstances in a different time.

Revan was made to be like Vader.

And seriously quit accusing everyone that doesn't buy into all that dbz bs post rotj of being a revan fanboy. lucas has in film and in games setup a realm of what people could do with the force. Palpatine using lightning was the best sith power ever manifested in these examples. GL setup the rules that only the weak minded could be force persuaded even people as powerful as yoda and palpatine had to deal with that as a solid rule of existence that is why he couldn't just brainwash luke galen or vader to follow him blindly and why he couldn't brainwash the rebel leaders into turning over their friends. but in a book palpatine erased the memories of an entire planet which we know at least some of them were not weak minded. a majority of the post rotj books read like DBZ instead of star wars I beleive that the force never granted that kind of power or the mandolorians would not have been a match for any jedi or sith but throughout history regular people killed jedi/sith like the clones did with order 66. The people who became one with the force were ghosts that couldn't interfere. that was the GL version of more powerful than you can imagine.

And No We Don't Want to Read The Dark Empire Series Because We could Watch Hundreds of Episodes of Dragonball and Get the Gist of it.