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I mean come on it's not like we rode around on the same dinky horses, shooting the same bows and arrows, stabbing each other with the same swords, playing basically the same style musics, wearing the same style clothing, sailing the same crappy wooden boats, reading by fking candles or oil lamps and living in the same types of houses and castles for thousands of years with no really technological advancement just minor improvements or refinements to existing tech
we did most of that for over 1000 years.

in histroy we reach times when tech hit the wall and all you can do is refine and simplify if. since teh wheel been invented ages ago we still using it as a primay method to have thins move, trains,cars,trucks. when we get workable hover tech i'm sure we switch to it. but till we come across a newer idea or a bridge techology to get to that spot we stuck.

we used arrows for 100s of years and only later middle ages we start to get cannons. now we got tiny ones(guns) next step is a better powder, ingistion system(electric vs machinical) and new projectiles. then we reach a stalling point till a laser tech get to a useable lvls for personal use.

heck for clothing we still weave clothing, is that going to change? idk, seme unlickly but if nano tech improved could have a shirt created that fit perfectly and assemled at a mono scale so can have hole for air flow but not be weaved. this again waiting for a improvement of tech.
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