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Your adventure to Nogatan
by Ahashra Vitriarius, of, Ajunta Paal server

((The following RP is open to both factions. Respond in character with either a response accepting the offer or rejecting it. The RP shall be based upon your characters journey to the planet Nogatan, a somewhat Black Talon/Esseles situation. Both factions shall be combined in the same ship. I shall be narrator.))

Your character is casually strolling through the streets of your capital city, on way to do their daily tasks.

You pass a holonet screen, but instead of its usual programing, organised by your faction, it is flashing a red warning message. Many people have gathered in front of the screen, and suddenly there is a noise which many people recognise; the sound starships flying low in the atmosphere.

A transport flies over the crowd, scaring most away. There are some that remain, however. The transport comes to rest on a landing pad intended for taxi speeders, but it fits regardless. The doors opening, the silhouette of a woman appears. Clad in a long black brocade cloak, it is impossible for you to see her facial features from such a long distance away.

From within her cloak she takes a small comm unit, flicking a switch before nodding towards the transport as if giving a signal. As the woman speaks into the comm her voice reverberates throughout the capital city, from each and every holonet screen.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I am sorry to the interruption in your usual programming. My name is Ahashra Vitriarius, and I am here to offer you a free ticket to adventure."

Her voice sounded distinctly as though she came from Alderaan, mixed with elements of the Sith Empire, to make a stereotypical feminine aristocratic tone of voice. Pacing up and down she continued.

"My transport before you is traveling to the planet Nogatan. There you shall find peace, salvation and knowledge... away from war."

She drew our her hand, pointing towards the crowd.

"Once I was like you... lost... alone... empty... on Nogatan I found my place. My calling... and so shall you. Merchants... crafters... the sick, the poor... agents, Jedi, Sith... smugglers..."

Her fist became clenched, and her words spun as if reinforced with cortosis. The passion in her voice was something which could not be denied.

" are all welcome on Nogatan, for all you must do is kneel to my Emperor, Pollux Troy."

With that the cloaked figure nodded towards the transport. Her movements highly fluid and human, despite her appearance reminiscing that of a specter of the night.

"Your chariot awaits, who shall come with me to Nogatan, where those who crave power get what they truly deserve, and those who have the will to build can construct a fortress of there very own?"

A Sith capital ship rested just out of orbit, and it was obvious that the woman was seeking new recruits to bolster her Emperor on Nogatan, promising a way of life which most desired.

((With time short, and a response from your faction immanent, what would you choose to do? Are you coming to Nogatan?))
" The Pinnacle Of Sith "
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