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Automatic Cover on Defensive, Cover-Only Ability Use

I think this header is self-explanatory, but let me clarify. Abilities such as Pulse Detonator and Hunker Down/Entrench should automatically make you crouch (or jump into natural cover) if you aren't already utilizing cover. Streamlining these abilities would allow the player to more quickly react to the everchanging battlefield without having to fumble all over their mouse and keyboard by first manually entering cover and then pressing the button to defend against the enemy.

The goal of this type of change would be to minimize frustration and lack of user-friendliness as opposed to lowering the class's skill ceiling. It's bad enough that you have to manage 30+ hotkeys, but when you can't fire off those powerful cooldowns just because of an extra hassle, it can be very frustrating. In that split second between life and death, the game is basically asking you to be superhuman as you need to do 2x as much work as your enemy to stay alive.
I agree with this, but see no reason why it shouldn't extend to all cover abilities. I'm still pushing two buttons to an enemy's one regardless if it's an offensive or a defensive ability. And sometimes the best defense is a good offense, a cliche that our class knows all to well.

Also, I don't think it should automatically roll you into cover as that can sometimes move the character rather inconveniently (between catwalks in huttball, anyone?). Simply crouching wherever you are would suffice.