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I saw palpatine get tossed over a lil gate by a burnt up old guy who cant move verry well. Cant breath verry well and crys alot. Why dident he do some super DBZ mega wormhole move there to save himself?
Because even the most powerful force users(Galen,Yoda,Luke,Revan etc etc) get their asses kicked when they are caught completely off guard?

Don't tell me the great mike tyson wont get knocked down if somebody ambushed him and caught him offguard with a knife.
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I know i know the books for ppl who like garbage says he came back n blha blha. He killed goku. Then satan now he rules the universe but lost to a punk who only trained for 2 years name luke. Wow those books suck.
Butt hurt kotor fanboy is all i can say about you. You want to know something? The Revan and any old republic novel was terrible.
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