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Red: There is no such statement to that effect. there is only a statement from GL that palpatine was the strongest but there were only ever 5 sith as far as GL knows or cares. So when talking about EU characters you have to look at facts.

Look at the facts eh? I am about to hand you your ***. Prepare to be "pwned".

Obviously you never read Dark empire.

That and the fact that Vitate needed rituals and trinkets which takes time to accomplish most of his feats. Palpatines power all comes from within himself.

1) Palpatine can create hyperspace wormholes(force storms) from his own power that are powerful enough to destroy an entire planets surface and wipe out an [b]entire star fleet[b] killing tens and thousands of soldiers.
2) His very existance caused an imbalance in the force.
3) His lightning killing off 50 storm troopers in one single blast and reducing 3 sith acolytes powerful enough to being maul back from he dead to charred ashes.
4) Force blinding 10 000 jedi
5) His mere presence on byss turning "one of the most lush and fertile planets" into "one of the galaxys most powerful dark side nexus".
6) Constantly draining billions of people on byss while keeping them alive
7) Being respected and being bowed to from the ancient sith

"The Ancient Sith pown new age Sith" don't believe it. It's totally crap and baseless. Naga Sadow, one of the most infamous Ancient Sith, did really nothing except throw a brick with The Force. The accounts of him blowing up stars is clearly stated to be done through his Flagship's technology. This tech could be used by even weaklings lin the Force.

The most powerful Sith Lord EVER is a new age Sith. The Sith is known as Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious. Sources to back this up:

"The Rebels were turning out to be more troublesome than many had expected. The Emperor had known it would be thus, of course; the resistance had not been a surprise to him. The Emperor was completely in concert with the dark side of the Force. He was the most powerful Sith to have ever existed."
-- Death Star, page 76. Emphasis mine.

"...Yoda could not hope to defeat the most powerful Sith Lord in history."
-- The New Essential Chronology, page ??? (I don't own the book). Emphasis mine.

"Beyond the vision of the Jedi Knights, somewhere within the darkness, the greatest master of evil ever to use Sith power bides his time. As his strength grows, his plans begin to shape the course of the galaxy, and his snares await the unsuspecting."
-- The Complete Visual Dictionary, page 72.

Page 109 from the Dark Empire sourcebook:

"Palpatine has risen from the dead. The most powerful Sith Lord who ever lived had returned."

Empire's End, one of the Ancient Sith spirits on korriban: "He gave up everything to the Dark Side long ago. He has become the greatest who ever lived. He is the strongest who ever lived....I say we give what he wishes."

Star Wars Insider, Kevin J. Anderson, upon asked if he ever intended his Sith to be stronger than the OT sith: "No. Exar Kun, Naga Sadow and the others are on a firmly lower tier than Emperor Palpatine."
On, official response to the strongest Sith: "Palpatine at his peak."

Essential Chronology: "the most powerful Sith who had ever lived, Emperor Palpatine had returned from the grave."

Now you know comics so you'll be well versed in people calling narrative hyperbole. Take into note these feats along with those quotes:

Palpatine learned a Force Storm. It is is an attack that rips apart the fabric of existence and space-time. It can do everything from create a wormhole to move a person lightyears to ravage the surface of a planet to annihilate starfleets. Palpatine uses Force lightning with enough power to kill 100 augmented Strormtroopers effortlessly. Same lightning reduced 3 dark siders strong enough to resurrect Darth Maul to charred skeletons.

His battle with Luke in Dark Empire, according to the audio, had enough energy sent off to kill nearby Stormtroopers. He also can drain planets of their energy.

A dying palpatine in empires end was able to blast a hole and instantly killed a jedi with lightning who tried to attack him while mortally wounding the other.

I do. Palpatines true form has been stated to be pure dark side energry, he has been stated to be a dark side nexus and even a blackhole in the force. Vitiate's prowess is far less when compared to Palpatine.

Quote: Originally Posted by havok_bloodcraft View Post
Palpatine never learned to extend his life with the force. Thus the need to clone himself.

Vitiate was over 1000 years old and could make other people immortal also.

Palpatine was unable to recruit luke or galen and couldn't enforce loyalty in vader.

Vitiate ruled over thousands of sith for 1000 years as the supreme ruler of all sith.

Palpatine was able to transferhis consciousness to a specially made clone.

Vitiate could possess people outright through astral projection while keeping his real body alive.

so tell me again how palpatine was "100 times far stronger" (which is very bad grammar) or more powerful than vitiate.
See the above, you just got your *** handed to you young boy.

To put it very simply, anything Vitiate can do, Palpatine can do better without the aid of trinkets or rituals, that and at his peak he can move at speeds faster than the eye can see. That and Palpatine actually dominated the entire galaxy while vitiate only controlled the sith empire.

Last but not least he has also been stated to master almost every single force technique by the time of dark empire and being able to devise new ones at his pleasure. It is an undisputed fact that Emperor Palpatine is the absolute most powerful sith lord in SW history, absolutely NOBODY comes to his level of power(except that cosmic entity abeloth) and id argue that not even Luke would be able to put him down easily.

Even the great Galen marek got overwhelemd in the dark side ending with little effort from sidious
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