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02.19.2012 , 08:41 AM | #5
If you bother reading before typing this post you would of known that Bw has admited there messed up the raid diff and is working on fine turning both diff till it how it was intented. 2ndly didnt there also say there are working on different gear for both 8man and 16 man opt? Yes i agree with the bugs but tbh its only feb and people already demanding new content let bw fix the bugs in the game which stopping people actully playing the game and these bugs will get fixed when there ethier figure how to fix it and get to it. Yes it can be fustrating clearing everything and having little to do but bw even stated there where focusing more on the story then the end game already also on that note look how long it takes other game to bring out content.

And no im not a fanboy just sick of people complaining and demanding more content and the diff being increased when there other players who cant even level there chara due to getting launcher issues.

P.s please input all fan boi replys and troll under here