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Very nice write up.

I'm by no means a hardcore player, and I think you'd be stretched to even call me semi-hardcore. A PvP'er by trade, but I do enjoy the Raids very much. I'd love to see most or all of these changes. I don't mind being locked out of the higher difficulties so long as those difficulties are designed for people willing and able to put in the time because, again, I'm not hardcore. I think part of the reason for the current design has been stated repeatedly by Bioware to justify other changes. They don't WANT anyone to be locked out of anything, they don't WANT anything or anyone to be the end-all-be-all of anything. You can see that in the Biochem nerfs.

Eh, idk. I'm like the OP. I DESPERATELY want this game to take off and be the first MMO to really be a real contender vs WoW. Part of that desire stems from the fact that they took SWG away from us. Which is what those of us who came from it would have gone back to had TOR failed hard, wouldn't have been any skin off our backs. But SWG is dead and gone, and I hate to say it, but it seems like TOR is the last shining hope for Star Wars in the MMO scene. With Uncle George pissing in the soup, if TOR fails I'll officially consider the franchise dead.