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ok... if another person says luke is the best i may cry. Luke is a demi-god , perhaps, he is son to the essence of the force (Anakin) and a senator (Padme), he is strong but he is not the best.

Anakin is in all possibility the living persona of the force, he had the capacity to do all and if not for the life he lived he may have been able to control the very fabric of the universe, he is has no father but a creator.

Darth Plagius is in every aspect of the word 'a god' every other force user is able to manipulate life, Luke did this luke did that, they are all physical practices and manipulations, whilst Plagius created from no living matter other then the force a creature capable of everything and limited by nothing, how is anyone able to comprehend that he made something from technically nothing. Luke is by all legitemacy his grandchild, but he has been diluted by a humans blood, he is only capable of force manipulation, not creation.

there are many powerful force users but plagius gave rise to a family heritage that could not be stopped, he is the creator of the skywalker legacy, he is god and he is sith