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I just shed a single tear of joy.

I'm opposed to high-stat grind-only gear, since that will counter the stated plans to make PvP more skill-based instead of grind-based. If endgame PvP is supposed to remain open to the majority of players including newcomers, there must necessarily be a plateau at some point.

Grind-gear could still give a very (very, very) slight edge, but that'd have to be almost insignificant and hard to balance. More likely, it'd just lead to "omgnoes dat stuff be imba!" whinefests. Maybe consumable items, timed mods, etc.
The game is supposed to be more about PVE than PVP though. Getting tired of PVP changes constantly screwing up the PVE scene, and frankly expertise should offset PVE gear by alot since it gives such large bonus's for PVP combat.
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