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I will admit that I have defend the prequels in the past, but not because i wasn't disappointed with them but because I just don't think they were that bad compared to a lot of other recent movies. However there are a lot of things in the PT that didn't give me satisfaction - I'm not one of those "just leave the sw movies alone" when it comes to making more movies, I've always wanted to see what took place before the OT. There was always this sense of the story not being completely told before the PTs, so much had happened before ANH and I wanted to see it.

So lately I've made a decision to get more into writing. I have a website where I write various articles, but they don't do justice for me, I always wanted to write a long story for therapeutic reasons (if anybody can understand that) and decided to do my own version of how I thought the PT should have worked out and here's a brief rundown of what I'm doing - Although, I have much more written, some things are still being kinked out though which is why I haven't wrote and wont copy and paste it, so bear with me.

So here's some brief plot points and all opinions are welcome!

Episode 1

Anakin is the adopted son of the Lars family, episode 1 begins with him announcing that he'll be departing Tattooine to join the republic. He is a young man (18 or 19 years old) and is a patriot of the republic.

We follow Anakin is a pilot and is chosen to copilot a ship to take Senator Padme and her Jedi associate Obi-Wan Kenobi on a diplomatic mission to Neimoidia.

Nute Gunray is in this remake, but he'll be written to be taken a little more seriously. Anakin, Padme, Obi-Wan and a Republic Commander Aund are avoids being held hostage due to Obi-Wan trust in the force. Commander Aund and a few other republic guards are skeptic of Jedi, but Anakin becomes more curious and even turns against the Commander, trusting Obi-Wans instincts over his own commanding officer.

They attempt an escape from the capital city of Neimoidia but only manage to get out a distress signal to the republic and they end up stranded in the middle of nowhere in Neimoidia. This gives a chance to form Anakin and Obi-Wans bond as well as Anakin's bond with Padme.

They eventually discover that Nute Gunray had been dead for some time and was replaced by a clone and a practitioner of the dark side of the force, Darth Maul, is behind the conspiracy.

Darth Maul reports to his master, Darth Tyranneous, that the republic diplomat has escaped and their plans may be foiled.

A small republic fleet arrives to the planet, but are not only attacked by Neimoidian ships, but Genosian ships as well. This is strange to the commander leading the Republic fleet because the Genosians are considered a strong ally of the republic.

A few landing ships manage to rendevous with Anakin and the others and they make their way back to the palace to confront Darth Maul. Maul is tranquillized and arrested for interrogation and the Genosian forces are put into submission.

The story would end with Anakin being knighted by the Jedi Council and taken in as a padawan. There's also small talk of going to war, and how the republic are unaware of how many systems governments may have been replaced by clones.

Episode 2
It's established that the galaxy is now at war and the republic government is conflicted with Senator Palpatine challenging Chancellar Velorum's position. Palpatine is known to be a force user (think of the force in my stories in a similar way of how people believe in religion, you don't have to be muslim or christian to believe in god just as you don't have to be a jedi or sith to believe in the force.).

The story begins with a space station that operates as a prison being attacked by a small fleet of clones. Darth Maul is in this prison and is freed and greeted by his master on the enemy ship. Once maul sees an opportunity he slashes Tyranneous in the back, then cuts his throat. Tyranneous falls, shocked by Maul's actions. He lies gasping for air while Maul stares at him with cold eyes as if enjoying watching him painfully and slowly die, Maul explains that Tyranneous is too incompetent to lead the war. He claims Tyranneous sending Genosian reinforcements to the battle of Neimoidia revealed the clone armies too soon and gave the Republic and opportunity to investigate other systems that had been taken. He even claims that his own prison rescue was too much of a risk and the sith lord had become soft. He then claims that Sidious is next, and as Tyranneous attempts to claim that Sidious is much more powerful Maul stabs him in the chest.

We join Anakin in his training on Tython with Obi-Wan. It is clear that Anakin has become a very capable Jedi rather quickly. They are requested to speak to Yoda, and Yoda claims that they must go to Coruscation to get close to Palpatine to ensure if he is an appriate candidate. Obi-Wan implies that even if Palpatine is not, the Jedi don't have the ability to prove otherwise unless they can gather evidence. Anakin isn't overly defiant, but questions the Jedi's concern with Palpatine's "religion". Yoda explains that the Jedi Order operates to sufficiently train the force sensitive, because although the force can lead one to a center of balance and peace, it can also become too powerful and tempting for those without the proper training to handle.

I think this is enough for one post, so I'll leave it right here and continue later. Tell me what you think so far.

One quick thing, my goal in Episode 2 is to have Anakin torn between his patriotism of the Republic and his commitments to the Jedi Order and his friend/master Obi-Wan. Although he understands the path the Jedi walk, Palpatines totalitarian politics are sound. I actually have a lot of coopl dialogue written for Palpatine to make it clear where the republic is going but to make it reasonable why people like Anakin as well as other polotics would submit to his reign.