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02.18.2012 , 03:38 PM | #16
This is a problem that has been addressed with customer services. The answer we got was that the drops are random and there isnt an issue. Yet clearly there is. Since release my friends and i have played during almost all our free time. Player "1" has created 8 characters on our server, and had at a minimum, 2 runs of BT on his characters to get the equipment he wants. I say minimum, some have taken 3 or 4 runs. Player "2" created 3 characters, and after 9 runs, got the equipment he desired. Player "3" created 2 characters, and got his gear after 4 runs. I have 4 characters from each basic class, all having run BT. My main is usually the one to run most of the new toons through BT.

My point is this: We have done a [U]considerable[U] amount of BT runs. Not once have we seen the Juggernaut armour, wether it was needed or not. I have more agent/bounty hunter armour than i can wave a stick at. Inquisitor gear is equally as common. Tonight, my marauder got all the gear required in one run.

There is a problem, it needs to be addressed. Please dont let this experience turn into the whole BF3 EA/Dice experience.