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It's funny to me, how so many people who seem so eager to play SW:TOR, also seem so eager to insist it isn't fun, or isn't good, or whatever their particular complaint.

So many people have such seemingly unrealistically high expectations, not just of this particular game, but of everything they interact with and experience in life.

It could actually be as simple as "maybe you just don't like this game?"

Whether you "want" to like the game or not... it just might not be for you.

Many thousands of players will enjoy this.

If you don't, well... maybe this just isn't your "cup o' tea."
Yes, it could be that simple. But I am trying to give it a chance. Why would I not be eager to express my initial disappointment in hopes to be convinced otherwise? So far not a single person has said "Yea all the stories are like that, good luck buddy". The opinion is that I just am not playing the right story for me. The annoying part here for me is that I am playing the right class in terms of game play.