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02.18.2012 , 02:00 PM | #8
Making this tutorial was a waste of time, it just shows all that's lacking in the actual system:
  • We can't browse the maps seamlessly
  • We can only check the maps of the planets we are on
  • Zoom is inconvenient
  • Fading map when moving does not hides the now useless legend, mission tracker, world minimap and borders
  • We can't resize the map
  • We can't move around the map frame
  • We can't create our own waypoints
  • There's no way to select multiple point of interests at once
  • There's no difference between already done(or not) repeatable quests makers
  • All crafting nodes have the same icon
  • We can't choose whether to rotate the map or the compass
  • The map radar does not display enemies
  • There's no scale consistency between all maps

Don't think highlighting such a lacking feature was a good idea.
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