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02.18.2012 , 11:52 AM | #91
pre-cu SWG was a collection of great concepts and ideas but the game itself was broken and bugged to hell.

it was so much more social and PvP was much more personal than any other MMO and I believe thats way it has such a lasting impact on its players.

I think its safe to say that the reason we keep crying a river over it is because nothing has come close to it and probably never will because the concept doesn't agree with the depends of modern MMOs where everything has to be fast and rewarded with "epic lootz"

Ultimately SWG was doomed to fail not because of SOE’s greed or its bugged gameplay but because it was a Starwars game that wasn’t very “starwarsy”, Almost as if the developers got so carried away with all the concepts that they forgot the brand, Lucas Arts said it had to change… so it died.