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Here is a list of Datacron and Lore Locations for the planet of Tython. Feel free to make corrections or add Lore Entries that are missing.
If you are not a jedi but a trooper or smuggler then the codex list is only 24 long, but 8 of those appear impossible to get.

- Manka Cat: Complete the quest "Pilgrim Medicine". Quest starts from a datapad on the path from the Twi'lek Village to Tython Ridge.
- Terentatek: Complete quest "Jedi Relic" on Taris. Given to you inside the Old Jedi Temple.
- Wingmaw: UNKNOWN
The quest pilgrim medicine can not be obtained and so neither the codex entry for the cat.
Wingmaws may be found on Balmora?

- All locations will be found through completing the main quest with the exception of the Chamber of Speech. This area is located in Upper Kaleth.
The location of the Forge is not accessible for non-jedi classes. Unless the developers have very cleverly hidden another area for those classes.

- All of them are obtained automatically through story line quest.
Twi'lek pelgrims requires speaking to Kolovish. However troopers and smugglers can not get the quest to do so

Persons of Note
- All of them are obtained automatically through story line quest.
The codex for Tython gives one entryin this category for trooper or smuggler. However there is nobody that I could find that will give it. None of the bosses you can find throughout the world either.

- Flesh Raiders: Automatic through story line.
- Zabrak: Complete the Heroic Quest "Chamber of Speech".
Neither of these quests that give the codex entry are available to non-jedi