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12.13.2011 , 10:19 AM | #1
the web sight is saying I need too put in my pre odder key, I put two and two together and now know it just wonted me to have a EA game sine in, WHY it would not tell me that tell today and not a few days ago!!! I dont know, so I spin about 2 hur trying to get my old sine in to change too the new e-mall, then just sine in using my STToR e-mall well DA! do all that and it STALL says I need to put in my code !!! what am I missing?
I have bad spelling do to my being learning disabled , the is just so I do not get asked "why are you spelling so bad?" and I don't wont to have to get asked 100 times, and is in NO way meant to hurt any one feelings after all.. IT is about me!