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That sounds like working as designed. The reusables have always been designed to be used only by a biochemist. However, it use to be, and maybe still is on higher lvl ones, that these were Bind_On_Pickup, makin it only useable by the Biochemist creator. So if it is now, BOE with a craft restriction like you stated, then it is even better for this will allow a trade between biochemist to occur which gives the item a tradeable value without destroying the market for consumables, which would happen if eveyone could use the reusables.
I am a biochemist and I approve this feature.
its not that i disapprove of this feature but they are already for sale on our server for like a little over 1000 credits making them useless other than crafting one for yourself (i say this cause the hardest part was the alien blood and i got those in 15 minutes maybe). Also with so many other crafting professions and ease of getting them there wont be a market to sell to other biochems unless they beef up whats needed and make the stuff super rare. i love the idea of a crafting perk like this but not necessarily in this way, the ones only useable by other biochems should be like there own line of stuff to craft rather than in the consumables line that can be traded...i guess i just want to make epic purps for trade rather than prototype blues...