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You keep saying Lucas this or that , well Lucas made the movies and Luke did not do anything in the fact that the Emperor died other than being there and being the Son of Vadar who loved him.

Vadar was conflicted and the Emperor was short sighted in his want to turn Luke and when Luke would not change the Emperor wanted to kill him. Vadar caught the Emperor off guard and killed the Emperor .......
In the end really nothing in all that shows any power Luke had other than he was the Son of a Guy who changed the fate of the Empire

If we go nonecanon and EU , the Empire goes on afterwards and even after every clone of Palpitine dies.

Lucas is a Good Beats Evil story teller and it was bound to happen. I think it was wrote well, and I think Luke fans are making more out of it than it was.

Sure without Luke Vadar probably would have never turned on the Emperor. But Luke is not the one who did anything other than that ! Until Vadar tossed him down the hole , Luke was getting owned by Palpitine who you say is weaker. What is , is what is .

Debat more if you like but anyone can pull up the movie LUCAS MADE and see Luke on the ground begging for his father for help while the Emperor barely using his power was killing him .
Wasnt Luke that threw the finishing blow , it was Vadar who died for it
Wasnt Luke who planned out the battle either , it was the Rebels

Luke was a major figure in it all but again , not THE MOST POWERFUL . If he was , the Emperor would not be the one who was winning the fight and Luke would have never been on the ground.

If Luke was the most powerful out the three he would have done what Yoda did when he fought Sidious and deflected the lightning . But he didn't because he couldn't .

Movie > anything said

Lucas made the movie and the movie is why we are all here playing the game or day dreaming anything SW !
we have to go with EU Luke ... because of the simple fact the threads title says MASTER Luke vs. Darth Sidius and Luke wasn't a master til after the movies... your entire argument is now moot

Master Luke SKywalker > Palpatine by miles
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