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02.18.2012 , 01:15 AM | #5
They have stated that the set bonuses will be baked into the removable armor mods. They will be made specific for each body/costume part. Thus set bonuses will move. so relief is near... nigh...?

I still think they need to allow suitable crafters to add augment slots to armor/clothing/gear bits ON PURPOSE though. that would be a plus...

I also think/suggest social gear should not have a specific "type" light/med/heavy baked into it... till it is bought and bound... and then it should bind to the armor type the class that bought it and is capable of wearing uses. All being light is silly. Yet social gear should remain an option for light users and not have them blocked by setting med and heavy in advance. Why does the fancy outfit even have a 'female' only definition? All of it is gear bought with points of ground scocial points... A person's/player's time spent grinding scocial/space missions is just as viable as anyone elses grinding pvp and ops. It's all just Time spent by a paying customer doingwhat they are most comfortable with or to get that killer outfit they want.

Cheers all!