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Quote: Originally Posted by GeorgZoeller View Post
There's some companions that may benefit from these items, but they're certainly not optimal for you personally.
Um...not on Republic Side, at least.

Remember this was a Medium Armor piece, Cunning-based, with Shield Rating. Now let's look at all the companions:


And I just looked over the list of Imperial classes and their companions, none of those are medium armor, cunning, shield-using folks either.

So I don't see how there are any companions that truly benefit from an item with this particular itemization. Sure there are plenty of medium armor, cunning-based's just that not a single one of them needs shielding. And there are plenty of heavy armor wearing, shield generator equipping companions...but every single one of them is Aim-based, not Cunning-based.

Unless I'm missing something, or all the fansite info on one of these companions is incorrect.
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