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I can't figure this out. WhenI am in groups of 4, it seems random. But when I go on my high level char and solo lower-level FP's to try to pick up orange moddable gear for my alts, I swear at least 80-90% of the orange items that drop are for my class.

That can't be random. I have solo'd a bare minimum of 30 full flashpoints, all bosses, and it is easily 80% consular gear that drops, maybe 90%.

The odds on that being random are so incredibly small they are essentially zero.
Aren't those orange drops BoP anyway? I soloed Hammer Station and Esseles a few times for lightside points and all the stuff the bosses dropped was BoP.

But yeah, they seemed very much based on my class. And on my Smuggler, in two normal Esseles runs with another human player, I got two orange blasters, two orange jackets and two Esseles gloves... it was a little crazy. Wasn't complaining though.