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Any word on how The Old Republic will run on this system?
Neither one is great, but I recognize that I can be judgmental some times. I build my own systems, so I tend to have negative views of the cost-cutting measures that are used on some pre-builts.

I believe the current knowledge says that SWTOR is a CPU hungry game that loves RAM. Disk speeds don't matter so much and framerates are driven by CPU power as much as GPU power. Upgraded video cards mostly get you more pretty effects and extra consistency.

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This is an i3 using integrated graphics. The game should be playable, but don't expect anything beyond medium settings and expect to have some slow loading of content. No matter what you do, you'll have some framerate drops in high population areas (Fleet) or areas with a lot of geometry within visible range (Taris). The memory is acceptable, so long as you don't play with a bunch of other apps running in the background.

There is little to no chance of upgrades, too, because of the 300W power supply (and you cannot easily replace DELL's power supplies).

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The CPU on this is a little better, and Memory looks good. However, calling that video card a "gaming" video card is a bit dishonest. It is a low-end gaming card, and you're going to be playing at laptop-quality for graphics. Overall performance should be about the same or slightly better than the previous option.

Also --and this is my opinion, not fact-- I don't trust Cyberpower unless they list manufacturers of their components. I've seen too many of their products shipped with really low quality parts. I understand that for $600, they aren't going to be top-of-the-line, but in their history, they have used some components that I would suggest replacing immediately.