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02.17.2012 , 04:11 AM | #15
Here's an interesting fact.

I spent a couple of days farming BT for the blasted chest, but had to give up and get the crafted lvl 25 version (which looks quite nice, being red and all).

After having the chest crafted i went to Dromun Kaas to pick up the yellow matrix shard (in the "Shadow spawn" heroic area). This area is the home to a Champion, Dr. Pammel Tarqus and his two beasts "shadow" and "Wraith".

Killing off all three yielded two robes, one medium and one heavy with the same mesh as the Black talon Juggernaut's body armor.

The Irony BURNS!

So there you go. An ACTUAL (unlike the fabled Black talon robe) way to get a hold of a moddable chest that looks like a robe. Happy hunting!