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02.17.2012 , 01:07 AM | #27
I don't like playing healers because I don't like maintaining health bars and I've always found the idea of healing while in combat to be very silly, i.e. magically and instantaneously regenerating someone's wounds as if they hadn't been shot/stabbed/burned/blown-up/ect..

Tanking can be fun in groups but not solo, so I never spec tank because I dislike having to manage an entirely different set of gear for when I need to tank. Furthermore I dislike the concept of a taunt ability; I much prefer the system in place for DCUO. Tanks would draw more aggro based on a tanking stat, so when the tank needs to pull aggro off someone it's not as easy as press taunt button and voilą, instead they had to be wiser about who they were attacking.

Now DPS is the most satisfying because I can burn through mobs and complete quests much more rapidly. Overall I just feel stronger and more powerful when I can kill quicker.

In warhammer online there were these great melee healer classes the DoK/Warrior Priest, they allowed me to play the way I played a DPS class(with some exceptions), but still fufill the healer archetype. Maybe one day they'll add something like that to SWTOR...I can dream.