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Healers and tanks dont really need to reply. So, for those of you playing dps classes, why? I have a level 50 sage healer and 33 vanguard tank that I've mostly soloed. Companions help out quite a bit, and I'm curious as to why there are not more tanks and healers when the companion system makes them easier to level than in other MMO's.

Not putting anyone on the spot, I dont want any flaming. I am merely curious, as there is probably an issue somewhere that BW can resolve to make our game balanced, and easier to find groups.

So, whats keeping you guys from running tank or heals?
I for one would love to see more people play tanks.

Trying to find a tank on this game is like searching for the Holy Grail. It's impossible sometimes. But to be fair this is a problem on almost every MMORPG I've played.

It's nice to see future MMORPGs like Guild Wars 2 moving away from this old and very flawed system of making groups overly-dependent on certain specs. So I hope that's a trend that continues and replaces this current model. I'm sick of having to spend hours finding a tank everytime I want to run something.