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Play the Imperial Agent story if you question whether the Empire is evil or not. The Agent delves heavily into that thin, blurry red line that seldom runs straight between good and evil. Are there evil people in the Empire who do horrific things? Yes. Are many of the Sith who call the shots a few sandwiches short of a picnic or just plain sociopathic? Yes. Are there reformers who use their positions of power to curb the excesses of the first two? Yes. Are there men and women who have seen both Republic and Empire intimately, virtues and flaws, and decided to aid the Empire? Yes. Are there blindly obedient soldiers and subjects of the Empire who follow because it's all they know? Yes. Are there people who acknowledge the Empire's faults but all the same fight for their home and nation against a paranoid expansionist power called the Republic? Yes.

To simply label the Empire as evil, particularly if you also label the Republic as good, is the error of those who haven't looked closely at either.