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The Empire is not inherently evil. The people in charge may be psychotic and evil, but the entire Empire is not. A light Sided Sith is someone who has the integrity and discipline to maintain a personal code, despite the pressure to to give in to darkness. A lightsided Sith kills, but not senselessly. A Light Sith is willing to make personal sacrifices to advance the Empire's goals. He's a villain, he does bad things and fights the "good guys", but in a lot of ways he's on the moral high-ground.

The Anti-Villain is the bad guy you respect; the villain who lectures the hero on morality; the willing Martyr for the Darkness.
"Sith, children of Sith, warriors everywhere, I declare a new Empire, open to all who long for conquest, freedom from inhibition and the right to follow their passions." -Emperor Malgus