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No one thinks of themselves as a bad guy or evil person. You always label it to the other and vice versa as it is a point of view and opinion and we all know how our opinion is right and everyone else is wrong.

Samurai and knights. Both have honor but it is in different ways. Both feel they have done "right" by their superiors / empire, though the actions of either can be very different or even evil to the other.

The Sith lead, but even amongst them they do have an ideal to how you should live, and they dont just kill eat other at the flip of a coin hence why they survive and exist.

I have a LS Sorc and i play him like a true patriot of the Empire, his desires is to make the Empire strong and protect it at all costs while also preventing infighting and wasting of resources (people as well). Just like the Sith, the Empire must learn to be strong and not cry about things being tough, much like a Icelanders mentality.

LS Empire i see being more like this, and the odd traitor as the person who accepts the morals of the republic instead of what they were raised in.

Just my 2 cents.