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02.16.2012 , 06:13 PM | #8
I am level 36 and I am perfectly satisfied with my Consular story. The only right way to play it is from a perspective of classic Lawful Good character. It's really down to earth, it's modest, without many "git in blow stuff up git out", jedi order centered story. It feels personal. I don't know about "dry", but it does seems more like a job, not and adventure, and it's really satisfying to speak with all the leaders, shadow dealers, senators, princes and princesses, because it makes me feel myself as an agent with an actuall duty to attend to, not a random stranger. I like companions too, Qyzen is a real bro, it's nice to be a jedi who are supposed to understand and learn from diffirent species and actually do so. I think it takes a bit of diffirent state of mind to play a diplomatic and lore heavy story like that, but I think I get it.