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02.16.2012 , 04:28 PM | #1
Firstly, I spend my time playing the game rather than reading the forums. I'm hoping to contribute here - but if I end up inadvertently posted a suggestion that has been seen a million times already, I hope you can accept my ignorance of previous topics.

Suggestion #6:
Basically show more information on the guild panel than right now.

I already realise the guild detail panel is already undergoing improvements.
I was overjoyed on the day when I noticed that it stopped being almost identical to the normal guild panel by adding an extra column as well as the ability to use the dropdown control to change the information displayed.

But it looks to me that the guild detail panel still has room for at least 1 more column.

It would be immensely useful for guild admin to be able to see "Guild Rank + Member Note + Officer Note" all at the same time. Personally, I want to be able to see "Guild Rank + Member Note + Last Played".

In short, it looks like there's room for another column... so could we have one please in the same style as the current configurable dropdowns.

And as a sidenote

Suggestion #6a:
Remember the guild detail columns between sessions. The new columns are great! But it would be really handy if it didn't forget my previous layout every time I logged out. ;-)

Suggetion #6b
More of a bug really. But "19" isn't less than "1". and "50" isn't less than "7". When sorting by level, could someone tell the sort system that level is numeric not alphabetic.