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They've already mentioned that the lack of mirroring when it comes to the animations and timing of mirrored abilities will be solved in a future patch in one go (most likely 1.2 which will have more balance changes).

They want to account for all the changes and lay them out in one big patch. Believe me when I say that the Mortar Volley timing issue isn't nearly as bad as the issues some other classes have (i.e. Smuggler Dirty Kick roots the Smuggler but IA equivalent can be used on the move, Consular Project doesn't do its damage until the projectile hits the target, meaning the target can survive with a heal or cooldown used in a split second, whereas Inquisitor's Shock projectile is instant so the damage is as well).

Instead of solving each little difference in one patch, they are going to take a step back and involve the designers to say "which is better for gameplay and balance, the delayed or the instant version?" for each and every ability before pulling the trigger on the changes.
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