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02.16.2012 , 03:19 PM | #1
Firstly, I spend my time playing the game rather than reading the forums. I'm hoping to contribute here - but if I end up inadvertently posted a suggestion that has been seen a million times already, I hope you can accept my ignorance of previous topics.

Suggestion #1:
I don't know if it's a UK keyboard thing or a deliberate choice by Bioware - but I can't bind anything to the Grave Accent / Reverse Apostrophe key ( ` ).

On my keyboard, it's immediately to the left of my number 1 key, above and to the left of Q key. It's therefore within easy reach of my left hand with my right hand on the mouse. Since it's in the same grouping of keys as 1-7, Q-R, A-F, Z-V ... it's prime real estate for a keybind... yet I can't.

So I'm asking

Pretty please.