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12.15.2011 , 10:53 AM | #51
Have you given any thought to the following?

1. Your playing on the Empire side ~ some what considered to be an evil faction
2. Compassion, Generosity, Sharing aren't really Sith traits
3. Your pugging...with some that never responded...warning bells
4. Make some friends, then you have people you can count on that are invested in your progress. I made a friend at level 5, as we quested together I noted his behavior and added him as a friend at level 7, 5 levels later we did esseles and I had no fear of loot issues, he'll I felt bad because he wasn't getting drops he could use.

Tl;dr Stop requiring games to moderate your social interactions, grow up and moderate them yourselves. And don't complain about behavioral problems when you chose the selfish faction.