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"As he had all the wickedness against which damnation is denounced and for which hell fire is prepared, so he had virtues which have caused men in all ages to be celebrated." -Edward Hyde


Warning: Slightly long read ahead!


I was discussing gameplay and experience with my roomate, Krissie, a few days ago and it brought up a set of questions.

Questions to which I would like to read others' responses and opinions to.

So this is what happened: Krissie is rolling a Dark Jedi Knight, and loves it. And while I am playing a Light Jedi Knight, I decided to "spice" things up by RPing a female Light Sith Warrior as well, to mirror her Dark Knight.

... and being me, I am repelled by almost anything Dark Side. (I'm a sap, I know.)

Anyway, we were talking and Krissie says almost as an after thought, "You know, I like watching movies with the good-guy heroes, but I think I like playing an anti-hero even better."

I shrugged and said, "So... if you're an anti-hero, what does that make my Sith Warrior? Because it's not like she goes out and kills everyone, or is totally insane. I don't really see her as the bad guy."

Krissie said; "Maybe you're Sith is an anti-villain, then. I mean, she lives and enforces a tyrant Empire, even if she has admirable morals herself."


So my question to you all: (and feel free to be elaborate as you want, provide in-game story details or your own philosophical reasons) Do you consider the Light Side Warrior/Inquisitor to be an anti-villain? Or, by comparison, the Dark Side Jedi Knight/Consular to be an anti-hero?

If so, or not, why?

I'm just... really curious as to everyone's views.


NOTE: Anti-hero is defined as; (according to TV-tropes) a villain with heroic goals, personality traits, and virtues. Their desired ends are good, but their means of getting there can be defined as evil.

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