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"Biochem breaks crafting, because they have access to an infinite pool of healing whereas everyone else has no such equivalency."

1stly - biochems dont have an infinite pool of healing, rakata medipacs do actually have a cooldown and the heal you get from them is uber low since they got nerfed, NO WAI !!! in PVE u shouldnt need medipacs anyway if your healer is doing his job, and for PVP you are better off with the warzone healing pacs

2ndly there are plenty class that can heal themselves with skills even when they are DPS, operatives,sorcerors,sages to name a few ..zomg... free heals...
Skills are just that "skills". And class balance is independant of healing pots. This is because any class can take Biochem.

When I say infinite I mean ZERO cost once created. As long as they have that heal item and stim item in their inventory they have the ability, at NO cost.

Every consumable in the game has a cost, except biochem and grenades. Both should be removed or balanced against other infinite consumables for the other crafting classes.

It's a broken mechanic. You can argue that it's not very broken..but it's still broken.

Even if they healed for 1 point of health, it'd be broken.

I honestly don't know why this is so difficult for people to understand. Broken mechanics are broken. Justify their value or lack of value all you want it's still broken.