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02.16.2012 , 12:22 PM | #11
"It clearly is overpowering because having a free heal, free adrenals and free stims is just too powerful."

- im assuming you are referring to this in PVP, becaues lets face it.. no raid is going to complain about it in an operation are they....

soo its clearly over powering is it ?? i was in huttball, in full champion gear, stim active, adrenal popped relic popped, tried to kill a juggernaut carrying the ball, he had no stims/adrenals.. did i kill him? barely gave him a scratch.. so did those items make me way way over powered? didnt make slight bit of difference. biochem has been nerfed 3 times already

if you really want to complain about things being over powered in pvp, how about AOE knockback, force pull,leap, in huttball.. if anything gives you an advantage in PVP its skills like that not a couple of stims