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The one thing I don't understand is that in other games, melee classes have far superior damage to ranged classes because of the liabliity of being in melee. Here in SWTOR it seems to be the opposite. Ranged classes not only have the better abilities, but do higher damage as well. (See Commandos/Mercenaries).

Tell me why again was a ranged class given heavy armor, shields, armor reduction abilities, the ability to self heal, knockbacks, and high damage?

It's like pre-nerf Paladins on steroids. AT least paladins were melee....this is ridiculous.
Well if you start to discuss like this, people will throw on your head that melees have an interrupt skill. So you need to interrupt the dmg of the ranged class to succeed.. never saw this in any game. Yes interrupts did exist but not to tone down their dmg but to hinder them on cc especially, but in close combat a close combat fighter (not stealther) has to have the upper hand when it comes to dps. In other games melees (not stealther) have actually more surviveability in group pvp. And when we talk abut CC, well no wonder why pvp sucks...there is no diminishing returns.

I can imagine why we see no combat log in this game, because they rushed towards release and everyone would be up for a suprise. All they do is balancing slowly with patches and more will come by.