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02.16.2012 , 12:02 PM | #10
LOL you guys who are saying it's pointless or useless already are just so transparent. Anybody who plays the game knows the truth.

What's the prices of stims going for? 20k is probably average, which is a good value for a 2 hr item. And on top of it being 2 hrs, it also lasts through death, so they are better than vendor ones (and they have better stats).

Everybody is going biochemist now. I've seen it in the raids and PvP. At one point maybe 1 in 5 were biochemists, now it's well over half.

Perhaps make it so biochemists gain 20% advantage from the stims/medpacs/adrenals that they use, that way you don't have to make any special items for biochemists, only that they're so efficient at using it that they gain bonuses from current items.

But the Exotechs need tweeking. There's no way that 4 radioactive paste for a 2hr item is worth it. Drop it to 1.